1. never forget that the cartridge is empty. Recharge it immediately when it notifies you
  2. never let the cartridge exposed to sunlight or in hot places
  3. never put tapes in cartridges heads
  4. do not carry cartridges in plastic bags

5 keep color cartridges upright, Thus there is no pollution

  1. do not use alcohol to clean printheads, the cartridge can be blocked
  2. do not shake or agitate ink cartridge, can severely damage

8 ink cartridges can not get wet, or stay in humid environments

  1. the cartridges cannot be stored indefinitely. If you are booking, alternate
  2. the color cartridge should be kept and transported, on a sheet of white paper
  3. the cartridges to print, at least once every two weeks
  4. If lines or missing spaces, appear to print, the more likely it is that time you the cleaning head printing. Do not touch the copper plate with your fingers the cartridge used “The cycle of cleaning of your printer” … fate works… THEN BRING YOUR CARTRIDGE
  5. to install a new or refilled, cartridge print at least two sheets of test
  6. when one of the colors fails, despite having intensity the remaining colors, must be recharged immediately.